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Interview with’s Jason Goepfert, Sundial Capital Research founder & 2004 Charles Dow Award winner.  Jason manages the extensive market sentiment indicators and models website, an essential resource for top traders and money managers.

Jason shares his story of starting in Wells Fargo’s mail room stuffing IRA packages just to get his foot in the business.  Though hard work and passion for the markets, Jason helped build Wells Fargo‘s discount online brokerage from 5 people to over 300.  Along the way, Jason learned every aspect of the brokerage business.  By objectively observing customer (traders & investors) behavior, especially during market drops when margin calls were issued, Jason learned first hand how traders & investors behave at different cycles of the market and knew how to read the signs in various sentiment readings.  By watching how others succeeded and failed, Jason saw beyond the price in the markets and understood how other traders are likely to act.  Based on this knowledge and experience, Jason went on to build

Watch for Jason Goepfert on “HeistLABS”, talking about and the invaluable tools it provides, it’s purpose and how he himself uses the sentiment models and indicators. (Coming soon to

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About Jason Goepfert

Jason Goepfert is President of He has been trading stocks, stock and index options, index futures, currencies and commodities for over 15 years. He holds several securities licenses and has most recently managed the operations of a $3B hedge fund and top-10 online brokerage (Gomez rankings).

Jason founded sentimenTrader in 1998, and began a web presence in 2001. Currently, the site has subscribers in all 50 states and 40+ foreign countries. In 2004, Jason was awarded the prestigious Charles H. Dow Award for Excellence in Technical Analysis by Market Technicians Association.

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