Episode 6: How to Quote a Stock on tradeMONSTER Trading Platform

In order to improve the speed and efficiency with which you can access information it is important to understand the various ways that you can obtain a price quote for a stock that you are interested in.  This YouTube video provides a quick demonstration on the multiple ways that one can quote a stock while using the tradeMONSTER trading platform.

Trading Platform Tutorial Transcript

0:01 Want to acces all the innovative trading tools on tradeMONSTER.com completely
0:05 free?
0:06 Stay tuned to the end of the podcast to find out how.
0:24 Welcome to tradeMONSTER.com video trading podcast. This is Episode 6,
0:28 “How to Obtain a Stock Quote”, presented by tradeMONSTER’s own
0:31 Travis McGhee.
0:35 In this video i’m going to explain how to quote a stock using the tradeMONSTER
0:38 trading platform.
0:40 So here we are. This is our home screen.
0:41 Once you have logged into your account and launched your trading application,
0:44 this is where it is going to bring you.
0:46 Right here I have my market application view up and i’m showing the various
0:49 quotes of tickers that I have stored. Ranging from market indices to individual
0:56 stocks.
0:57 How do we go about quoting a stock using this platform?
1:00 Well there are 2 ways to go about it.
1:03 One we can directly route ourselves to a quote from this screen.
1:07 As you can see on the right hand side here I have my market view with the
1:10 various markets, my watchlist with various stock tickers, and to the far
1:15 left I have my current positions. Stocks that I currently have positions in,
1:20 or option spreads. Whatever the case may be.
1:23 So, lets say for example I want to quote IBM.
1:27 Right here. I already have a position in it.
1:29 So I go over here and I scroll over IBM, I highlight it and I left click on IBM.
1:32 Up pops a screen.
1:35 Here it is going to show us the last trade, $124.72. Our change for the day,
1:39 down $3.25, our percent change, volume on the day, our bid and ask and
1:48 our bid and ask size.
1:50 I can go into the detailed quote screen from here as well.
1:53 You’re going to see “IBM Quote” little icon.
1:56 You can left click on that and it will take you to the physical quote screen that
1:59 has the fundamental report card, chart and news. Everything you will want to
2:03 see with a detailed quote.
2:06 Now that is one way to get to a stock quote.
2:10 Now lets say for example that you dont have something pre-saved that you want
2:13 to quote as a new input.
2:17 So I go up to the top of the trade screen and highlight IBM by left clicking on it.
2:21 I plug in a ticker of something I want to look at.
2:25 So lets say for example, hypothetically, Im going to throw out Chicago Mercantile
2:29 Exhange. CME. For experimental purposes
2:33 only.
2:35 So I type it in and hit enter and this is where it brings me.
2:37 Right back to my quote screen.
2:38 So that is another way of quoting something that you don’t have pre-saved.
2:44 Now lets say you have been trading throughout the day, checking tickers, and
2:48 you want to see something that you quoted earlier and you cant exactly
2:52 remember the ticker.
2:54 You can click on the arrow by CME. Its going to bring a dropdown menu and
2:59 you can scroll down to see some of your recent tickers.
3:03 Oh, there it is. Apple. I couldn’t remember the ticker.
3:07 There it is. AAPL. I click on it and there you go.
3:12 Brings me right back to my screen, and I have all of my detailed quoting.
3:16 And that is how you go about quoting a stock using the tradeMONSTER
3:22 trading platform.
3:23 Go to tradeMONSTER.com to get access to all of our tools and educational
3:27 resources for proactive investors like you. Every brokerage account gets
3:32 free access to our paper trading practice platform!

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