Special Interview: Fari Reveals HamzeiAnalytics Chat/Trader Social Networking Platform

A social networking success story of a futures trader

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This is part 3 of the special “Crossing 20,000 twitter followers” Interview I had with market timer & trader Fari Hamzei. During our interview, Fari accidentally mentioned his secret project of building a social network and chat platform designed specifically for active traders. Fari disclosed some details for the first time about our HA chat platform. The HA chat platform will integrate various social networks including twitter, facebook, myspace, etc and be accessible on mobile platforms too.

One year and 5 months after joining twitter, expert market timer, futures, and options trader Fari Hamzei (@hamzeianalytics) blows past 20,000 twitter followers.  Fari, along with Brian Shannon a.k.a. @alphatrends, are two rare traders who have passed 20,000 followers and accomplished what only actors, musicians, and celebrities have been able to do on twitter: have enough followers to fill a stadium.  Many great traders, analysts, and money managers, including those who consistently appear on CNBC, Bloomberg, and other financial TV channels struggle with passing 10,000 twitter followers.  In May, Fari passed 15,000 and we had interviewed him then.  A few short months after, he passes 20,000 and closing in on 21,000.

In this 3 part interview, Fari shares his thoughts on this experimental journey with social network and answers some questions like:

  • What’s the best way for a trader to use twitter to reach out?
  • What’s the best way for market participants to use twitter to learn or trade?
  • What he believes are the key to his success on twitter, including ways of constantly keeping followers engaged with contests, webinars, and educational information.
  • The pressures and challenges of having so many followers and calling out real-time futures trades
  • Also, Fari spills the beans on the new social networking & communications platform he is building. (part 3)

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