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Trading stocks and options by yourself is never easy, especially if you’re just learning.  Just like any career, working side by side and learning from professionals in your field is how you improve.  Hamzei Analytics’ Stocks & Options provides such an environment where you can see, learn and do what other stocks and options traders are doing to make a living.  MarketHeist’s Jeffrey Lin interviews Pablo Navarro, Options Strategist for Hamzei Analytics’ HFT Stocks & Options.


Jeffrey: What do you hope to do differently or help out traders that aren’t as organized structures, as you are to be profitable? How are HTF Stocks and Options supposed to help traders do that?

Pablo: Well, I think one of the most important things for traders to manage the risk, as I just mentioned, it’s going to be very important. Also, like to have the discipline to look at hundreds of charts and be patient to know where, when it’s better to go in and out. That’s what we try to do, we wait until the right moment. Most of the time we usually never start a full position. We usually get 30% the first time. If it goes in our way, we have some leverage on, so we don’t need to add more to that position. If it goes against us, most of the time, we already have safe levels. We aren’t going to add more to that position. That’s what we try to do. We want to limit the risk, no more than 3% per trade. That gives us a lot of room to takes our losses out and don’t worry about them. Most of our winners are above 50% per win. So, that gives us a lot of room to take losses, be comfortable with losses. And then, also, when the winners come, we let them ride options.

We never day trade options. Only if we get, like, if something weird happened and the stock moved 10% in our favor, we will close a position. But, our trades are not going to be a day trade. So far this year we’ve been doing better trades in the sense that we’re taking, the market has been pretty stable, going higher. We’ve been making swing trades for around a week or two weeks per trade. Most of them have been pretty good this year. We’re up, year to date, around 33%, so far. The risk has never been more than 25% of the total portfolio, which is pretty good.

Jeffrey: Yeah. It’s been a good start for you, hasn’t it?

Pablo: Yes. It has been a pretty good year, so far. I’m Pablo Navarro for HamzeiAnalytics HFT Stocks and Options. You can find me at or follow me at @pnavarro88. Thanks for watching



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Majored in Economics and Communications with a minor in business from Texas Christian University. Pablo graduated from OptionsAnimal and completed all levels that the CBOE Options Institute offers. Pablo actively manages his own accounts trading options, futures, and stocks for over 3 years. He is always pushing beyond the limits to achieve his goals. He is convinced that its all about going that extra mile and always having a plan for each scenario.

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