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Thanks to these stock traders and trading coaches, you can start learning stock trading any day.  Their videos aren't interview snippets you see on TV (and can't follow up on).  These youtube channels we've hand-picked for you not only analyzes today's stock market but, more importantly, analyzes where the markets may be headed in the future.  These youtube channels help you anticipate tomorrow's market diection and you're provided with trade plans for each scenario. This means you're always prepared and random markets start becoming opportunities.

By watching and following along with these stock traders' youtube analysis, you can't help but learn their strategies and see the opportunities they see.  It's like getting to sit down at the same desk as these expert traders and pick their brain daily.

Because their stock market analysis are public on Youtube, you can compare their past analysis videos to what actually happened in the stock market and verify their records.  Many of these traders also post analysis and trades throughout the trading day on twitter and their websites, so remember to check those out!

1. Stock Sessions Free Stock Market Courses

Before following any of the professional trader's stock market video analysis and stock tips, you must have a solid foundation.  While there are many stock market investing and trading courses and books out there, none pulls everything together as intuitively and in as practical a way as Stock Sessions does.  These step-by-step courses build one lesson on top of the previous one, helping you to know how all the pieces of the stock market fit together and how to use that knowledge to trade stocks.  Taught by some of the best trading instructors world wide, including many whom you've seen at MoneyShow financial conferences and whose analyst reports you read, completing these courses will help make the other trading channels on Youtube that much more profitable for you.

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2.  Brian Shannon (AlphaTrends)

When you think Stock Market Analysis videos on Youtube, AlphaTrends' has to be at the top of the list.  Brian Shannon has relentlessly put up stock market analysis videos every day since 2006.  Not only does he analyze the stock market but he does so in a simple, methodological way. You can easily follow along and learn to think like a professional.  Brian Shannon is a CMT (Chartered Market Technician).  Brian started as a broker with Lehman Brothers and other major investment firms where he gained valuable insight into market dynamics and the human factors that drive them.  To get the most out of Brian's Youtube videos, use his book "Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes" which was named one of the "top 10 trading books ever written" by Ed Dobson, owner of the financial publisher Traders Press.

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3.  Anne-Marie Baiynd (The Trading Book)

Anne-Marie Baiynd is another trader and coach that consistently puts up educational and profitable market analysis.  Few great traders are great teachers but Anne-Marie is both a great trader and teacher.  Furthermore, she is a self-taught trader, so she knows how you feel trying to learn stock trading on your own from Youtube.  In her videos, her calm and assuring tone helps guide you through the confusions in any market.  The way she analyzes the market is also organized and she presents it in easy to understand ways.  Don't let her self-taught background fool you though.  You can see her teach live at most MoneyShow Stock Market tradeshows.  Her book "The Trading Book" is a best seller for mastering technical trading and trading psychology.

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4.  MarketGauge

To take your trading to the next level, check out Youtube videos from the team at MarketGauge.  MarketGauge's online trading education, and its unique focus on leveraging the opening range, result from co‐founders Keith Schneider and Geoff Bysshe's over 60 combined years of first‐hand trading experience.  Applying insider knowledge gained from years of professional trading experience on and off the floor, running money for major New York hedge funds, and currently managing a hedge fund, MarketGauge's master traders created the powerful proprietary web‐based software tools HotScans, BigView, the Nuggets List and the ETF Monitor.  They simplify stock market analysis and trading strategies only possible with these tools and their invaluable experience.  If you want to learn the tricks of Wall Street traders on Youtube for free, this is the channel to subscribe to.

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5.  Shadow Trader

The trader videos that TD Ameritrade, one of the biggest brokers, trusts.  Peter Reznicek and the Shadow Trader team has built a name for themselves since 2006.  They now broadcast their live trading analysis, strategies, and trade ideas everyday on TD Ameritrade's thinkorswim software.  Shadow Trader's Youtube videos gives you weekly market videos describing the state of the major averages from a technical perspective.  Also in the videos are what investors & traders need to be aware of in the week ahead, and live trading videos from during the week.

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6.  T3Live

Get trading analysis and trade ideas straight from Wall Street.  You've seen T3's chief strategic officer Scott Redler on CNBC a lot, and now you can continue to follow Scott when he's off air.  T3Live pumps out several videos on Youtube daily.   Whether you're a day trader or just actively watching over your portfolio, you will get a ton of guidance and insights from T3Live's channel.  Their videos include Morning Call videos to help you prepare for each trading day, Daily Recaps to help you make sense of today's market and prepare for tomorrow, and deeper analysis that walks through stocks and stock sectors making news and on traders radars.

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7.  Stephen Bigalow (The Candlestick Forum)

Japanese Candlestick charts are over 300 years old, but putting stocks on this type of chart gives traders a major advantage in speed reading a stock's price movements and anticipating what will happen next.  Most traders use candlestick charts, including the traders listed here, but you may not know how much of an advantage you can get with Candlestick Charts and Candlestick Patterns.  Stephen Bigalow's Youtube channel analyzes the markets daily, with a focus getting and advantage with candlesticks.  Watch his videos daily and you'll see the hints and tells a stock chart is trying to give you in no time.  Stephen W. Bigalow possesses over twenty-five years of investment experience, including eight years as a stockbroker with major Wall Street firms: Kidder Peabody & Company, Cowen & Company and Oppenheimer & Company. This was followed by fifteen years of commodity trading, overlapped with twelve years of real estate investing. He holds a business and economics degree from Cornell University, and has lectured at Cornell and at many private educational investment functions over the past twenty years.

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8.  StockGuy22

The most comprehensive weekly market review videos for any stock trader.  Whether you're a day trader, active investor, or you sneak in a few trades during work hours, strap in each Saturday morning for StockGuy22's extensive review.  How extensive?  Stockguy22 broadcasts these webcasts live every Saturday morning for over 2 hours, but you can watch the recording on Youtube.  However, if you watch the broadcsat live, you'll get to ask question and interact with the coaches.  Get in depth market analysis and market review in all the major markets as well as exciting stocks to trade.  Frank (aka StockGuy22) and other coaches discuss great stocks they're looking to trade but also helps you along by reviewing trades they've recommended before or trades that are on-going.  You'll get to follow the trades from their videos and Bull Bear trades step-by-step.  Few gives as freely as the team at StockGuy22 and with each Saturday webcast video you'll get lessons on how to become a self-sufficient trader, not just a few trade ideas.

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Market Overviews & Commentary

9.  Investools Commentary

Start each day with the Morning Huddle to help you be better prepared.  Catch up every afternoon with the Market Wrap on what traders looked for and did in the market.  Step-by-step daily market commentary and review from TD Ameritrade's Investools coaches that will help you master your own market analysis skills.

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10.  TradeStation

Only TradeStation's broker and software reputation can bring you this lineup.  Each morning's Market Briefing video puts you together with trader all-stars such as Linda Raschke, John Person, Corey Rosenbloom, and many more.  These are the traders that are considered market wizards with packed seminars everywhere they speak.  On TradeStation's Youtube, you get to prepare for your trading day with recordings of their live TradeStation broadcast.  While this Youtube channel is for more advanced traders, part-timers and active investors will also gain a lot by the insights of these market wizards.  Why? Because active traders often see things coming much earlier than investors, allowing you to make your investment decisions earlier.

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11.  Benzinga TV/OptionHouse Premarket Show

Benzinga and broker OptionHouse has teamed up to bring you premarket analysis and educational interviews with top traders every morning.  Benzinga is a fast-growing, dynamic and innovative financial media outlet that empowers its users with high-quality, unique content that is coveted by the Street's top traders.

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If there's someone else you'd like to see on this list, remember to tweet us @marketheist or send us a message on Facebook & Google+!

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