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  • What You’ll Get
    An instant modern stock market classic, this book by Brian Shannon (AlphaTrends) brings the stock market to life by teaching readers about stock market structure and the psychology of how price moves. The book is written for investors and traders alike of all skill levels.  Brian Shannon’s goal is to help readers understand and recognize market structure of whatever you’re investing or trading, where the market is an auction driven by actions and motivations of those involved in the market.  By understanding the people (investors and traders) and the mechanics behind the stock market, the author aims to help readers identify a trading edge regardless of your investment timeframe (long term, active investing, swing trading, or day trading).  This book also introduces readers to the art of trading, actually getting in the game.  Readers will learn identify low-risk, high-profit trades followed by how to manage trades with risk management techniques.

    So it’s not just about Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes?  The author discusses the stock market from many angles including financial fundamental analysis, financial industry effects on stocks, how and why stock patterns repeat, and stock trading techniques.  However, Brian emphasizes technical analysis is crucial for both investors and traders because
    “…trading and investing successfully is about timing, and technical analysis provides the best timing tools available.  The markets speak a language which is written on price charts, and they are the pages of a play book…”
    ~ Chapter 1, Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes

    Table of Contents

    Technical Analysis
    The Four Stages
    Stage 1 – Accumulation
    Stage 2 – Markup
    Stage 3 – Distribution
    Stage 4 – Decline
    Support and Resistance
    Moving Averages
    How & When to Buy
    How & When to Sell
    News & Fundamentals
    Short Squeezes
    Risk Management & Exit Strategies
    Rules & Insight
    Putting it All Together

    **Includes over a hundred color charts in detail
    About Brian Shannon
    Brian Shannon is an experienced and successful trader, speaker and educator.

    Involved full time in the markets since 1991, he has worked as a broker, owned a day trading firm, managed a hedge fund, ran a proprietary trading desk while simultaneously being most profitable trader of that prop firm. As Head of Research and Training for MarketWise, Brian taught thousands of trader’s world-wide.

    Brian’s work has been published or written about in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, Barron’s, Active Trader, Stock Futures and Options Magazine, and hundreds of online sites.

    He is best known for his daily stock market technical analysis videos on Youtube where his videos rank as the most popular stock market videos. Brian’s videos and market analysis are also posted on http://www.alphatrends.net