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  • A complete course on trading ETFs (exchange traded funds) developed by BigTrends’ lead ETF analyst Andrew Hart.  The course is designed to teach an all-inclusive methodology for trading ETFs and truly understanding the benefits that ETFs offer the individual investor.  This is a 7-disc course that takes you from a complete novice to trading and trading ETFs specifically, teaching students what a statistically winning system looks like, how to use it to trade ETFs, the basics and intricacies of ETFs, and applying this system successfully in both bull and bear markets.  Also, this course teaches advanced techniques, including the Volume Index and using options for these ETF trades.  Each of the 7-discs teaches an “element” of how to trade ETFs.  Combining the lessons learned in these “elements” gives you a complete picture of how to be successful with ETFs.

    Disc 1: ELEMENT 1 – Foundations of Success
    Running time: 65:14
    This Element covers the background of Andrew Hart and the creation of ETF Elements: The Science of ETF Trading, foundation for successful trading path, and a system profile. It also includes a System Profile: a statistical insider look into a winning system, and much more.
    Highlights of ELEMENT 1:

    How to get started with ELEMENTS in 15 Minutes
    How to set up a FREE ETFTRADR Trade Station with no software
    Top 32 ETFs that we trade and you should too
    How to continuously profit in 16 minutes a day: 30 seconds per ETF
    The real advantages of ETFs

    Disc 2: ELEMENT 2 – Virtual Multiple Time Periods (MTP)
    Running Time: 53.48

    Element 2 covers in detail the first steps to becoming an ETF Tradr. Inside you’ll find my secrets to the foundation of the Elements system as I walk you through the methods and examples of the winning Elements science to success.

    Highlights of ELEMENT 2:

    Proven settings for MTP success
    How to define TRUE Bear or Bull trends
    Specific trade examples focused on 32 top ETFs

    Disc 3: ELEMENT 3 –  Bull Trend Confirmation
    Running Time: 98:42

    Inside Element 3 you’ll find all the trading rules and examples of spotting the Bull trend in order to successfully trade in a Bull market. The goal is to learn from specific Bull Trade examples and begin using the tips and tricks you learn in your own Bull trading.

    Highlights of ELEMENT 3:

    The secrets to trading ETFs in a Bullish market
    Step by step guidance of confirming a Bull trend
    Review of MTP and Bull trend confirmation together
    Proven settings for Bull confirmation: Entry & Exit

    Disc 4: ELEMENT 4 – Bear Trend Confirmation
    Running Time: 79:15

    Inside the fourth Element you’ll find specific, step by step guidance to confirming a Bear trend, and the secrets to profiting in the market. My proven methods have guaranteed the success of ETF tradrs in all market conditions and you’ll see profits immediately.

    Highlights of ELEMENT 4:

    The secrets to trading ETFs in a Bearish market
    Specific Bear trade examples
    Review of MTP and Bull and Bear trend confirmation together
    Proven settings for Bear confirmation: Entry & Exit

    Disc 5: ELEMENT 5 – Don’t Follow The Leader: The Volume Index
    Running Time: 58:17

    In the fifth Element we focus on the final building block of the proven system-this will complete your technical training. The final filter in ETFTRADRs’ Elements is focused on volume – Andrew believes any consistent (and profitable) ETF trading system needs diversification in its indicators and Elements is built on this framework.

    In this ELEMENT you will learn:

    The pinnacle of ELEMENTS’ success: The final building block
    The specific conditions & settings needed to find the smart trends
    Real trade examples using our volume filter
    Evan more trade examples using all “ELEMENTS” from our trading system

    Disc 6: ELEMENT 6 – Trading & System Mastery
    Running Time: 91:36

    In my view, this is the ‘hardest-hitting’ course in the series and it will make you a better trader-I have no doubt. After completing your technical training we start to focus on the side of trading most traders neglect – psychology. In addition to essential guidelines to follow for any trader help you manage your mental capital. The lessons learned in Element 6 will help you profit indefinitely.

    Highlights of ELEMENT 6:

    Comprehensive system review and mastery
    Real and measurable portfolio guidelines for consistant, long-term growth
    Mastering the professional trader’s mindset
    How to maximize ELEMENTS’ profits by continuously advancing your edge
    10 personal questions to help you finalize your trading plan

    Disc 7: BONUS ELEMENT – Essential ETF Options Strategies
    Running Time: 74:00

    Originally I wanted to create the ETF Options course as its own stand-alone series; however, I realized that Elements students would not have the key to the most powerful secrets in trading today. When students see signals from and Elements they can trade the ETF or the OPTION on the ETF. I prefer the options. Now I am sharing my option strategies with you to help maximize your profits every day.

    Highlights of BONUS ELEMENT:

    Complete options education from A toZ
    How to make more money with ELEMENTS using options
    Simple and specific rules on what option to choose for optimum gain
    Profit taking guidelines for better results
    Now you have become a master ETF Tradr
    Continuous growth with ETFTRADR