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  • A weekly lesson on Youtube by Cantos explaining technical analysis theories and lessons on trading strategies.  The series started in October 2009 and currently includes 49 trading and technical analysis videos.  Play the full set of videos in the player above or select individual lessons from the episode list below.

    49 videos (as of 4/12/11)
    Total Length: 5 hours
    Last update: 10/18/10
    Trading Masterclass Trading & Technical Analysis Course Episode List

    Introduction to Technical Analysis: What is Technical Analysis?
    Trading the Trend in Uptrends
    Trading the Trend in Downtrends
    Trading a sideways market
    Using trend lines
    Charts Masterclass – Understanding double top patterns
    Understanding double top patterns
    Spotting major reversal points
    Head and shoulder patterns for reversals and price targets
    Bullish head and should patterns
    Using bull flags
    Bar Patterns: Simple, profitable but ignored
    Getting the breaks with outside bar patterns
    Getting the breaks with outside bar patterns
    Moving averages: The simple, the exponential and the weighted
    Moving averages for entry and exit point
    Channel trading with moving averages
    Parabolic SAR: Complex trading made easy
    MACD charts: What, why and how
    Stochastic charts for confirming high-low points
    When Moving Averages met RSI: taking the strain out of RSI
    Trading tricks with Relative Strength Index
    Combining technical Indicators by cantosTV 500 views
    Combing technical indicators – RSI, SAR and MACD
    Combing technical indicators: Moving averages and MACD
    How to trade crude oil
    the psychology of price movements
    How to trade end-of-month rallies
    Swing trading ‘back with a vengeance’
    Trend or trading range?
    How to trade the ‘right’ side
    Combining indicators ADX and DMI
    Trading with ADX and Moving Averages
    Trading in the real world: FTSE100
    Trend trading the FTSE 100
    Interpreting the charts
    FTSE correction points towards downside
    Bearish outlook for gold
    Find the trend, apply the charts
    A case for bullish oil?
    Gold: Price action and trends
    Crude oil not likely to go up soon
    Gold: “higher prices to come”
    Catching a big wave
    Catching a big wave Part II
    Best ways to trade gold
    Trading gold’s bull run
    Crude oil: Time to jump in?