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  • Renato Santos changed their profile picture 5 years, 8 months ago

  • Futures trading lessons and chatroom for mentoring and training by Renato Santos, aka @RenaTrader, full time futures trader, diamond expert and entrepreneur.  Members get lifetime access to the trade plans for the 10 Diamond Setups technical patterns that Renato Santos has narrowed down and backtested as the 10 highest probability trade setups.  For your first 30 days, you join Renato in his chatroom as he teaches the 10 “Diamond Setups” he’s developed and perfected to have 70% success rate.  As of this post (12.30.10), Renato Santos has been profitable for 22 consecutive weeks and publicly verifiable as he posts all his trades live on twitter under his twitter handle @RenaTrader.
    Facts and Figures

    Founder & mentor: Renato Santos

    Asset Class: Futures – specializing in the ES (E-mini S&P 500 Index Futures), 6E (Euro FX Futures), and CL (Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures) futures contracts

    Twitter: @RenaTrader

    Website: DiamondSetups.com
    Membership Includes

    All the detailed instructions on how to use the 10 Diamond Setups that gives a win rate of over 70%
    The system is totally visual, no guesswork, no tons of material to study, just hands-on work, once you become a member you’ll see all the setups and will be ready to start trading with Renato.
    Lots of examples of trades that have worked or failed with charts and explanations.
    Access to the trading room where you’ll trade with Renato for 30 days, Renato not only make the calls in advance of the trades that he’ll take, but Renato will explain what he have seen that is making him pull the trigger.
    Access to the member area of the website where you’ll see the list of the 10 Diamond Setups with the links to each of them with ALL the detailed explanation with chart screenshots and you’ll understand why it can be so easy to trade with a free state of mind and a system that gives you an edge, by pointing the entry and exit points.
    Besides these detailed explanations you’ll also get to know how Renato does his risk and trade management by controlling the size of each and every trade according to where the stop will be placed, how to take profit or loss (yes, in trading we also lose sometimes) and once the trade is finished, we reset everything and get ready for the next opportunity.
    All done very calmly with no hurry, no hesitation, no guesswork.
    No need to install any software, no need to study for hours to start trading, just hands-on work.
    Renato will guide you all the way until you’re confident to go your own way, or not, you may stay trading with him in his trading room and discussing the setups for as long as you like, the first 30 days are free, you’ll pay only the one time fee to get the 10 Diamond setups and start trading right away.

    Sample Trade from the Chatroom