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  • Product Summary
    optionsXpress Holdings, Inc., a pioneer in equity options and futures trading, offers an innovative suite of online brokerage services for investor education, strategy evaluation and trade execution. optionsXpress Holdings subsidiaries:

    optionsXpress, Inc., a retail online brokerage specializing in options and futures
    brokersXpress, LLC, an online trading and reporting platform for independent investment professionals
    Open E Cry, LLC, an innovative futures broker offering direct access futures trading for high volume commodities and futures traders through its proprietary software platform
    Optionetics, Inc, a leading provider of investment education services, including live seminars, proprietary software analytics, online and offline educational products and individual coaching.

    Investment & Trading Products
    The optionsXpress brokerage services provides internet-based options, stock, bond, mutual fund and futures brokerage services to retail customers located throughout the United States and certain other countries (optionsXpress International). The education services by optionxXpress offers a full range of education products and services which cover a broad range of financial products including stock, market analysis, options, foreign exchange and financial planning.

    Options – Tools to find, analyze and monitor your options investments, including real-feel virtual trading. Allows you to take advantage of the inherent benefits of these flexible investment products. Protect your stock portfolio against adverse market moves, generate cash from current stock holdings in a variety of market conditions, and lower cost than an outright stock purchase means less risk to equity.
    Futures – From stock indices and interest rates to energy products, metals and more, futures and futures options contracts.
    Stocks – Comes with online stock trading tools to canvas the markets for opportunities that best meet your outlook and goals. The online trading platform can be set up to monitor everything from basic buys and sells to advanced orders like stops, limits, etc.  The Dragon scans the market for a top 50 list of stocks that match your chosen criteria—from P/E plays to percentage change.   Quote Detail is all of the information you need on a stock, all in one place, including current and historical quotes, earnings information, S&P research, and much more.  Alert Manager helps you organize your online stock trading and streamline your early-warning system of stock alerts based on price, time, dividends, or market conditions. Paper trade with risk-free, real-feel virtual trading to the step-by-step order entry assistance of the TradeWizard.
    Mutual Funds – Wide selection of no-load mutual funds gives you more choices for consolidating your investment funds and diversifying your portfolio.
    Bonds – Bond platform allows you to manage your fixed income investments from the same balance, positions, and overview screens you use for stocks and options.

    Tools & Services

    THE DRAGONSM Let the Dragon help you “slay” the market! Scan for stocks and options that match your chosen criteria—from stock activity to P/E plays to percentage change. The Dragon ranks the top 50 results from your search with convenient links to pre-populated order forms, options chains and charts. Beginner Level Difficulty MARKET CALENDARS Get a better handle on your investing days, weeks and months. Find out when earnings reports, futures and option expirations, dividend announcements and IPOs are coming with our wide range of handy market calendars. Beginner Level Difficulty MARKET NEWS It’s difficult to be a successful investor without being an informed investor. From the intraday market updates ofBriefing.comMarketWatch and TheStreet.com to streaming news from Dow Jones to the latest put/call ratios, optionsXpress helps you stay up-to-date on all of the information affecting your investments. Beginner Level Difficulty MARKET STATS Check out the latest activity of the major indexes and their components, find out where the action is with the most active issues at the major exchanges, find out which stocks have been recently upgraded or downgraded by analysts, and see who’s heading higher or lower with our up-to-the-minute market statistics. Beginner Level Difficulty TRADING PATTERNSSM Can you keep up with the Dow by keeping up with the Joneses? Find out by entering a security symbol into Trading Patterns to help find what other anonymous like-minded investors are trading. Who knows? Your next great investing idea might come from someone just like you. Beginner Level Difficulty QUOTE DETAIL Why take the time and effort to shop around for every little bit and piece of data? All of the trading information you need is available right here—current and historical quotes, earnings information, valuation ratios, S&P research and much more—as well as convenient direct links to news, charts, chains, and the Option Pricer. Beginner Level Difficulty STRATEGYSCANSM Find an investment strategy that aligns with your investing goals, trading experience and risk level. Preview up to three opportunities based on your criteria—complete with maximum potential gain, risk profile and profit and loss characteristics—or view a matrix of up to nine different possibilities. Beginner Level Difficulty TRADEWIZARD® You’ve done your research, weighed the alternatives, assessed the risk, and now it’s time to place the trade. The Wizard makes our easy-to-use trading platform even easier, guiding you step-by-step through an entire stock, option or futures order ticket to complete either a basic or advanced trade. Beginner Level Difficulty VIRTUAL TRADE Get your feet wet before you take the plunge. Our Virtual Trade feature allows you to utilize real-feel optionsXpress account screens, tools and resources to gain trading experience and test strategies without putting any money on the line. Beginner Level Difficulty ALERT MANAGER The only thing more important than being able to set multiple alerts—based on price, time, earnings, dividends or market conditions—is having the ability to keep them all straight. Use the Alert Manager to help organize your trading and streamline your early-warning system. Beginner Level Difficulty TRADER’S JOURNAL Dear diary—this is a great way to keep a log of all your thoughts and ideas. See a piece of news that might come in handy? Find a new strategy that you may want to try out down the line? Memorialize it in your handy virtual notebook for easy reference later. Beginner Level Difficulty WATCH LISTS With all of the possibilities available at optionsXpress, managing your current positions and tracking potential investments in one convenient place has never been more important. Create and organize multiple lists of current positions and potential purchases, set alerts and make notes, and access order forms and charts quickly and easily. Beginner Level Difficulty XPRESSTRADE Keep the pulse of the markets at your fingertips with this handy desktop application. Get quick, convenient access to a compact version of our Quote Detail feature, basic order forms, real-time quotes, a variety of charts, and real-time information on account equity, buying power, positions and orders. Beginner Level Difficulty OPTIONSXPRESS MOBILE Take advantage of our easy-to-use navigation system to place stock, option and futures trades and get a full range of timely market data and vital account information—as well as a variety of trading tools, market news, and charts—directly from your BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Palm Pre or Windows Mobile web-enabled mobile device. Beginner Level Difficulty CHART PATTERNSSM Start with variables like market capitalization, time frame, price range and trend and funnel down the investing universe into an easy-to-read chart of up to twenty stocks ranked by how closely they meet your interests and spending limits. Technical traders can take advantage of Advanced Chart Patterns to map out double bottoms, wedges, pennants and more. Intermediate Level Difficulty EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS CENTER ETF traders can find everything they need—all in one place—in our Exchange Traded Funds Center. It’s a modified version of our Quote Detail feature, enhanced with ETF-specific tools and information for researching this growing marketplace. Intermediate Level Difficulty THE SCREENERSM Put the Screener to work canvassing the market for potential stock, option, mutual fund, or ETF opportunities—as well as option strategy situations like covered calls, spreads and protective puts—based on your preset criteria, from volatility and volume to P/E ratio and dividend yield. Intermediate Level Difficulty CHAINS Why bounce around a half-dozen screens looking for all of the information you need to construct a particular strategy? Our easy-to-use Option Chains let you view real-time quotes for each leg of virtually every option strategy, determine an option’s intrinsic and time value, build complex spreads and place trades with just one click. Intermediate Level Difficulty TRADE CALCULATOR There’s more to affording a trade than just price. Determine the risk and reward of the investments you’re considering, check out your potential buying power, and gauge the financial feasibility of a few potential strategies using the Trade and Margin Calculator. Intermediate Level Difficulty BASIC CHARTS These may be our “basic” charts, but there’s nothing basic about them. With dozens of technical studies to choose from for easy customization, Basic Charts allow you to mix and match until you find a picture that best suits you. Intermediate Level Difficulty SAVED ORDERS This feature allows you to fill out your orders when it’s convenient and gives you the time to really think them through. Get prepared by setting up and saving up to 50 trades for future use without actually placing them. Intermediate Level Difficulty POSITION ANALYZER Where do you stand? Sometimes it’s not so easy to tell. That’s why our Position Analyzer lays it out clearly, with an easy-to-read graphical breakdown of your portfolio in terms of asset distribution and profit potential. Check the overall picture or look at individual holdings—it’s up to you. Intermediate Level Difficulty XTEND Our sleek, downloadable trading console is perfect for sophisticated traders looking for more power and control. Customize the look and feel of this dynamic streaming platform to fit your individual trading style and take advantage of convenient one-click access to strategies, ladders, watch lists and more. Advanced Level Difficulty XSPREADS® SPREAD BOOK Spread traders have their own dedicated corner of the investing world at optionsXpress. Shop for potential spread trading opportunities by accessing liquidity information, spread chains and pre-filled trade tickets all in one convenient location. Advanced Level Difficulty STREAMING CHARTS Quite simply, Streaming Charts give you the most complete and detailed picture of the market. Streaming Charts allow you to customize your view of the market with more than 100 different technical studies, then save your personalized set-ups for future use. Advanced Level Difficulty OPTION PRICER Variables like strike price, time to expiration, and implied volatility are dynamic, making it difficult to understand how a change in only one of them might affect an option’s price. The Option Pricer helps you get the theoretical Greeks to understand how changing market conditions might affect the price of your option investment. Advanced Level Difficulty VOLATILITY VIEWSM Volatility may be the “great unknown” in option pricing, but it certainly can’t be ignored. Volatility View allows investors to conveniently look back over a stock’s 3–, 6– and 12–month price movements to get a better feel for where it may be headed next. Advanced Level Difficulty STREAMING QUOTES Trade like the big guys with this FREE, all-in-one trading console for your desktop. Trade stocks, options, spreads, and futures with streaming quotes, and customize the layout to display only those features that are most important to your day-to-day trading style. Advanced Level Difficulty Please see the disclosures page for additional information regarding this section.