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Product Summary

E*TRADE is an online investing and trading broker which also offers traditional banking solutions.

Current Deals (as of 6.8.10)

Trading Products and Services

  • Automated order placement and execution of U.S. equities (stocks), futures, options, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and bond orders
  • E*TRADE Mobile Pro, which allows customers to trade stocks and transfer funds between accounts using a Blackberry mobile device or Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.  E*TRADE Mobile Pro also has the ability to monitor real-time investment, market, and account information.
  • Power E*TRADE Pro: Desktop trading software for active traders
  • Margin accounts allowing customers to borrow against their securities
  • Access to international equities in Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United Kingdom.
  • Access to foreign currencies (forex) including the Canadian dollar, Euro, Hong Kong dollar, Yen, and Sterling
  • FDIC-insurced sweep deposit accounts that automatically transfer funds to and from customer brokerage accounts

Long-Term Investing Products and Services

  • Investor Resource Center: Aggregated view of investing tools, market insights, independent research, education, and other investing resources
  • Advisory services through the Online Advisor.  E*TRADE’s investment advice tool designed to provide investors with actionable investment guidance, including recommended asset allocations ranging from fully self-directed investing to 100 percent discretionary portfolio management from a registered investment advisor
  • Bond Resource Center: Fixed income tools to help customers identify, evaluate, and implement fixed income investment strategies
  • Retirement QuickPlan: Four-step retirement planning tool that provides a quick assessment of an individual’s or a family’s retirement savings and investing plan as well as tips to help get on track with personal retirement goals
  • No fee and no minimum individual retirement accounts (IRAs)
  • Investing and trading educational services via online videos, web seminars, and web tutorials
  • FDIC insured deposit accounts: Checking, savings, and money market accounts

Corporate Services

Employee stock option management software and services.  This software system helps the management of employee option plans, employee stock purchase plans, and restricted stock plans, including necessary accounting and reporting functions.

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