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FINVIZ is a website specializing in easy visualization of stock market data.  The most popular free stock market tools on the site are the stock screener and market heat maps.  The free stock screener allows you to instantly filter through both a stock’s fundamental financial data and technical condition, making FINVIZ screener useful for investors, traders, and anyone who’s strategies fall in between.  The FINVIZ screener allows you to set many fundamental and technical conditions to create a real time watchlist of stocks that meet your criteria (see stock market guide: screeners & scanners).  The watchlist results are shown with FINVIZ’s unique stock charts, allowing users to visually compare the different stocks that resulted from the screener search.

FINVIZ also includes Futures and Forex charts, visualizations, and data but with less analytical tools than for equities (stocks,  ETFs, ETNs).

FINVIZ heatmaps for stocks, futures, and forex help investors and traders see visually where the current market activity is occuring, how those areas of the market are performing, and the relative size and importance of those areas of the market.

Like many stock market news, information, and data site, FINVIZ also allows you to track your portfolio and collaborate with other investors and traders through discussion groups and forums.


  • FINVIZ Homepage (Dashboard).  Organized with traders in mind, the FINVIZ Homepage allows users a quick but informative glance at various factors affecting the stock market without ever leaving the homepage.  Included are charts of the S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Dow Jones Industrial average along with market internals advance/decline ratio, new highs vs. new lows, and number of stocks above major moving averages.  FINVIZ stock screener displays an automated list of stocks meeting various fundamental and technical criteria, thus helping users see what news or technical conditions may be driving stocks.  Also, there are summaries of headline news, economic data, insider buying/selling, and earning releases.
  • News.  Aggregated stock market and business news from the top news sources such as Reuters, MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Journal and more.  Also, article headlines from the most trusted blogs.  Instead of remembering to go to dozens of news sites and blogs, FINVIZ pulls all the headlines together on one page.
  • Screener.  Scan and sort stocks and ETFs based on fundamental financial data as well as technical conditions.
  • Maps.  Visual representation of stock and sector performance using heat maps.  Heat maps are interactive and also includes 3D heat map versions another dimension of visualizing the current activity in the stock market.
  • Groups.  Simple sector relative performance graphs.
  • Portfolio.  Track your portfolio with the benefit of the FINVIZ screener tool.
  • Insider.  Comprehensive data of insider buying and selling
  • Futures.  Heat haps of futures markets performance and automatic technical charts
  • Forex. Heat haps of forex markets performance and automatic technical charts
  • Collaborate.  Forums and customizable private groups to discuss and share market analysis.
  • Search by ticker, company, or profile
  • Accessible anywhere via FINVIZ.com.  No software downloads


FINVIZ Elite offers the full suite of stock screeners, alerts, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis tools.  See our listing of FINVIZ Elite for more details.


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