Trade Futures and Options in Real-Time via Twitter

Starting Monday, August 10th, 2009, Hamzei Analytics, LLC, will offer a private Twitter Feed to trade:

  • Stock Index Futures: $ES_F & $NQ_F
  • Stock Index Options: $SPX & $NDX
  • Equity, Credit & Commodity ETF Options: $SPY, $QQQQ, $IWM, $TLT, $TBT & $GLD
  • High-Beta Equity Options such as: $GOOG, $AMZN, $RIMM, $AAPL, $GS & $JPM

Futures trades will be:

  • Long, Short or partially hedged (at certain times, fully hedged)
  • Majority of time, we will go home flat futures. on rare occasions, we may hold overnight.

Options trades will be:

  • Long Calls and Long Puts
  • Credit and Debit Spreads
  • Butterflies and Backspreads
  • Ahead of or following the Earnings Report
  • We will hold options trades overnight

Recommended account size: $50,000

The HFT Package includes:

  • Two LIVE Chart Streamers (browser-based) — requires multiple monitors
  • Back-up Java-based chatroom, resident on our Servers, in case Twitter goes down featuring Brad Sullivan, Rich Gula, Scott McCray, Tom Bohn and Fari Hamzei:
  • Brad Sullivan owns seats on both MERC & CBOT Exchanges. From 2002 to 2007, he averaged about 10,000 contracts per day (trading ES, NQ and US Futures). Since mid-2007 he has been trading for a major proprietary trading firm in Chicago. For five years, from 2002 to 2007, his exclusive pre-open Equity Index Update was a must read for any serious stock index futures trader on our site, Minyanville and Traders-Talk, among others.   Read the August 5th Chat Transcript featuring Brad Sullivan speaking on trading Equity Index Futures. Brad Sullivan published an article in the November issue of eSignal’s Exchange Newsletter.
  • Rich Gula is the founder of Argyle Investments, LLC of Boston, MA, and he is the former head of Technical Research Dept at Fidelity Management and Research.
  • Scott McCray, former anchor at Los Angeles Ch 22 Biz TV (the precursor to CNBC), is an active options and futures trader with great point of view on Gold, Crude Oil and Stock Index Futures. He was the first person to quote our Dollar Weighted Put/Call Ratios on the air back in 2000.
  • Tom Bohn is a professional trader.
  • Fari Hamzei is founder of Hamzei Analytics.

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