What is it for?

Developed by SPYder Crusher on Worden’s TC2000 stock market software, the purpose of the trade timer is to alert you to market conditions that are favorable towards trading momentum (market moving strongly in one direction) or favorable for trading mean reversion (markets moving back and forth to balance supply and demand). In the market there are times when the market trends strongly (moves strongly in one direction) and everything looks overbought but it keeps going higher. Then there are other periods where there is whipsaw (back and forth, up and down, sometimes called “chop” like choppy waters). During a whipsaw, as soon as you think stocks or the market has a breakout you end up getting stopped out the other way. A lot of trading pain can be avoided or lessened if you have a better idea of when it is a better TIME to trade mean reversion and when is it a good time to trade the trend. This is the purpose of the trade timer.

What You’ll Get

The SPYder Crusher trade timer is a set, or panel, of stock market data readings. The trade timer incorporates a lot of calculations into determining whether or not the stock market is rewarding the trending stocks or rewarding the mean reversion stocks. It is NOT looking at moving averages or percent overbought or oversold. It is a pure COUNT of whether trending stocks or mean reversion stocks are being rewarded, from which the indicators calculate various statistics to help clarify this stock market data.  This indicator panel is made to be sensitive to these changes in stock market data and statistics.

SPYder Crusher’s Suggested Use

These minor changes in each individual indicator are not meant to be actively day traded or for scalping trades. This market indicator panel is just a roadmap of WHEN you should trade. SPYder Crusher knows exactly WHAT he should trade: his bread and butter “Compression Breakout Stocks Setups“. The trade timer indicator panel simply helps identify WHEN is the best time to trade those for the best result and have the odds in your favor. When does the trade timer say to trade SPYder Crusher’s Compression Breakout Stocks? When the trade timer says trending stocks are performing well in the market.

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