What is it for?

TC2000 by Worden Brothers is a complete stock market analysis software and data package. This version 11 allows you to run the software either from your desktop on a PC or Mac, or through your browser on the web on any computer. Sound familiar? While TC2000.com is the upgrade to the previous version, Telechart 2007, it also incorporates the other popular Worden stock chart site FreeStockCharts.com as well as the scanning and analysis capabilities of Worden’s StockFinder. Just as the many FreeStockCharts.com users are used to, TC2000.com’s standard Gold package will have similar data feeds from the BATS exchange where the stock chart and data may be up to 15 minutes delayed. TC2000.com Platinum users will get real-time data for intraday charts all the way down to 1-minute charts.

In short, TC2000.com puts the whole stock market, mutual funds, and most forex pairs on your desktop and in your browser. The software provides numerous stock chart analysis tools and capabilities, custom indicator coding, stock scans, data libraries, and saves all your analysis research data for use in the future.

What You’ll Get

  • Extensive data. About 30,000 symbols for stocks, forex, mutual funds, common stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), NASDAQ Bulletin Boards, NASDAQ Pink Sheet stocks, stock market indexes, stock market industries, stock market subindustries, and more. For stocks, the extensive data includes both technical analysis data and company fundamental (financial) data.
  • Stock Scans.  In under 2 seconds you can rank every stock in the stock market or search the market simultaneously for company financial data and technical analysis data.
  • QuickSort. Rapid searching and organizing of stock data to find stock investments or stock trades based on either company financial data, stock technical data, or both.
  • Personal Watchlists. Keep track of your portfolio, other watchlists of stocks that gives you clues, or specific stocks that match your trading criteria. The data is stored so you can access it anywhere, whether at your computer on your desktop or through TC2000.com website from any computer.
  • Watchlist from Charts. Adapted from Worden’s StockFinder Software, watchlists can be created from technical analysis indicators, settings, and conditions on your stock charts. This pushes the boundaries of computerized trading where the software gives you thousands of pairs of eyes to recognize patterns and indicator signals. It wouldn’t be humanly possible to visually analyze thousands and thousands of charts and patterns at once.
  • Technical Indicator Library. Over 70 of the most popular technical analysis indicators as well as the ability to combine and build your own indicators.
  • Technical Analysis drawing tools. Tons of drawing and analysis tools that help slice and dice the data displayed on the chart to help you see different conditions that may be difficult to recognize. Fibonacci, Gann, trendlines, regressions, and more.
  • News and social collaboration.  Keep notes, charts, and analysis you can share with other traders on the TC2000 platform
  • Works on both PCs and Macs.
  • Cloud network.  Like FreeStockCharts.com, access TC2000.com from any browser on any computer.
  • Mobile Devices.  Get your TC2000 charts, easyscans, watchlists, and your personal settings on your Android and iPhone smartphones.

Suggested use

We recommend the standard TC2000 Gold package for active investors and intermediate-term traders (swing traders, position traders).  If you’re an active day trader or money manager who needs intraday detailed stock data, the TC2000 Platinum package is best.  Most online brokers have their own stock charts and watchlists, so it is really up to your own unique needs and investing or trading style whether you need TC2000′s computing power, scans, and analysis capabilities.  Consider the 2-week free trial to see if it is something you need.

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