What You’ll Get

Technical trading education and live updates of trade setups recommendations with 22-year veteran Francis Hunt.  Francis, aka The Market Sniper, is a technical analyst and trader.  He specializes in trading high probability, fast moving, breakout moves in forex, commodities, market indices, and some stocks.  He is best known for his technical trading strategy dubbed the Hunt Volatility Funnel for high odds breakout trades.

Both free and premium subscribers get trade setups including entries, exits, targets, and stop loss details for high probability trades delivered primarily through TheMarketSniper.com “Live Feed” blog posts and daily technical analysis videos that Francis Hunt consistently puts out.  Francis Hunt is also a regular contributor to Cantos Charts videos with technical analysis and trade strategy.

In addition, TheMarketSniper.com offer other ways to learn from Francis Hunt including the premium member forum, direct interaction with Francis, educational web seminar (webinar) classes, and instructional DVD lessons.


  • Access the “Live Feed” trade and analysis updates
  • Interact through the comment section on “Live Feed” posts
  • Learn through live experience with specific trade setups with forex, commodities, indices, and stocks.
  • Trade setups with high probability breakout trades defined as trades that move fast and become profitable quickly after entering the trade
  • Trade entries with Buy or Sell Stops according to The Market Sniper’s analysis when the market is in your favor.
  • Trade plans of when to trade, entry levels, exit levels with stop loss or profit targets.
  • Trade plans with good risk management so trades provide a good risk to reward.
  • Money and trade management for each trade at important technical levels, resulting in automated entries and exits once the trade is triggered.

Recommended Use

The Market Sniper blog and service is recommended for patient traders with at least five years of active experience and not designed for new traders.  Some traders with at least two to three years of serious involvement may be ok as well.  From a maturity standpoint, Francis Hunt says this service is best suited for those between ages of 35 and 65 because the application of his trade strategies requires maturity, emotional control, and patience.  Because The Market Sniper strategies are very selective with the types of trades that are taken, this service is not suited for highly active traders or intraday scalper traders who have high frequency trades and/or focus on the smaller time frames under the hourly, 15 minute, or smaller time frames.

Francis Hunt (The Market Sniper) Bio

Francis Hunt, a.k.a. The Market Sniper, has 22 years of trading experience, starting with his first options trade in 1989.  Francis’ expertise is in high probability breakout trades and avoids marginal trades, sometimes called chop, where the reward is limited.  He has big interest in economics and macro trends, which he shares from time to time in his market analysis videos.

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