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  • Product Overview
    With professional grade futures trading platfrom by T4, tradeMONSTER offers futures trading accounts for trading commodities, currencies, energy, equities, interest rates and metals. tradeMONSTER Futures Broker requires a separate trading account from the standard tradeMONSTER broker account for stocks, mutual funds, options, and ETFs. If you have already have a tradeMONSTER T4 futures account, login here.
    Open a Futures Account

    *You must deposit a minimum of $10,000 in your new futures account to begin trading.
    Futures Products
    Choose from a variety of futures products including agricultural commodities, energy contracts, currencies, equities, interest rates and metals. To view a complete product list and to learn more about quotes and contract specifications.
    Futures Products

    Agricultural Commodities

    Soybean Meal
    Soybean Oil
    Rough Rice
    Live Cattle
    Lean Hogs
    Feeder Cattle
    Frozen Pork Bellies
    Cocoa Futures
    Coffee Futures
    Cotton Futures
    No. 11 Sugar Futures

    Energy Contracts

    CL – Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI)
    WS – Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) – Financial
    QM – E-mini Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) – Financial
    BZ – Brent Crude Oil Last-day – Financial
    ZE – CBOT Ethanol
    QE – NYMEX Ethanol
    NG – Natural Gas (Henry Hub)
    QG – E-mini Natural Gas (Henry Hub) – Financial
    HO – Heating Oil
    QH – E-mini Heating Oil – Financial
    RB – RBOB Gasoline
    QU – E-mini RBOB Gasoline – Financial

    Equity Contracts

    E-mini S&P 500 (Dollar)
    E-mini S&P MidCap 400
    E-mini NASDAQ-100
    E-mini Dow ($5)
    E-mini MSCI EAFE
    Nikkei 225 (Dollar)
    Nikkei 225 (Yen)

    Interest Rate Contracts

    30-Day Federal Funds
    Ultra T-Bond
    30-Year U.S. Treasury Bond
    10-Year U.S. Treasury Note
    5-Year U.S. Treasury Note
    3-Year U.S. Treasury Note
    2-Year U.S. Treasury Note

    Metals Contracts

    GC Gold
    SI Silver
    PL Platinum
    PA Palladium
    HG Copper

    Futures Commissions
    Trade futures for $1.501 per contract.* See how we stack up against the competitors.
    Futures Pricing

    1 Excluding exchange fees, NFA fees, overnight and platform fees as applicable.
    Futures Education
    Visit the Chicago Mercantile Exchanges’ resource center for futures trading educational resources. Watch a 30 minute video on Introduction to Futures – Great for beginner futures traders!
    Futures FAQ’s
    Have a question about opening a new futures account with tradeMONSTER or questions regarding margin, maintenance, pricing and/or clearing firm? Visit our Futures FAQ’s to learn more.
    Futures Support
    For futures trading inquiries, please call our customer support at 1-866-795-0160.

    For futures trading inquiries after business hours, please call our clearing firm, Penson GHCO directly at 1-312-356-6333 for help with broker assisted trades.

  • tradeMONSTER is an online broker that allows for individuals to trade stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds. Launched on October 28, 2008, tradeMONSTER features many innovations for an online broker. In particular, unlike other platforms that require software download for full access of the trading platform, tradeMONSTER’s platform is completely browser-based. This allows customers to trade from any computer with an internet connection. Trading simulations are free and in real-time with paperTRADE. If you want to make trades with real money, a $2000 minimum is required to start. tradeMONSTER offers several account types: individual and joint accounts, custodial and trust accounts, corporate and group accounts, and IRAs.

    tradeMONSTER integrates a comprehensive, systematic investment process with its powerful online platform of easy−to−use, professional−grade tools. All of this is supported by a depth of educational resources and customer service. Our unique service is intended for the proactive investor who is looking for a disciplined approach and high value for a low price. tradeMONSTER, a subsidiary of optionMONSTER ® Holdings, Inc., was co−founded by Jon Najarian, Pete Najarian, and Dirk Mueller − professional traders and investment industry experts.

    The platform features a list of patent-pending tools unique to tradeMONSTER. There are built-in help and guides throughout the platform. Also, the you’ll receive an extensive library full of free articles as well as access to live events and webinars.
    Platform Features



    strategySEEK takes you from symbol to strategy in 3 easy steps. Simply input your forecasts and risk priorities and strategySEEK will scan thousands of option strategies for the ones most appropriate to your criteria. With one click navigation you can then analyze, alter or trade any of the suggested ideas. Learn More

    Spectral Analysis

    tradeLAB™ – Spectral Analysis

    Analyze strategies using the power of visualization. Our patent pending technology includes a color-gradient Spectral Map lets you visualize how your option strategy experiences profits and losses between the current day and option expiration for any path the underlying might take. Click any point on the Spectral Map and get a Spectral Slice to see more detail, including the probability of the underlying being in various price ranges, risk metrics and much more! Learn More

    Snapshot Analysis

    tradeLAB™ – Snapshot Analysis

    Before you trade an option strategy, you´ll want to assess your risk vs. your reward. Snapshot Analysis let´s you do this in one click. You´ll see in a single screen your risk/reward ratio, key probabilities such as probability for any profit, a risk profile graph, key data such as the date of the next earnings announcement and more. Snapshot Analysis is part of tradeLAB™, tradeMONSTER’s proprietary set of analytic tools.

    Detachable Windows

    Detachable Windows

    Get more market monitoring capability with detachable charts and watchlists. Set up your trading platform to take advantage of wide screen monitors or multi-monitor setups. Create a professional-style layout without losing the convenience of our browser-based platform. Plus, we´ll automatically save your configuration. When you login, you´ll be able to choose your multi-window setup or the standard single window setup. Experience the power and convenience of detachable windows. Learn More

    Twitter Integratio

    Twitter Integration

    Get more information at your fingertips because tradeMONSTER is now fully integrated with Twitter! Link your Twitter and tradeMONSTER accounts so you can tweet your trades. Twitter posts have been fully integrated into our News feed so you can learn more about specific stocks by reading other trader´s tweets or posting your own. Reply directly to a specific twitter address or post a comment directly to twitter, all with one click of the mouse.

    Exit PLAN

    Exit Plan™

    Exit Plan™ was designed to help you understand what exits are available in any given trade and creates exit strategies that will help minimize potential losses and lock in potential gains. Use Exit Plan™ to select trades you´d like to manage, set exits based on time horizon, profit target, or stop loss & monitor exit points with on-screen messages and email alerts.

    Portfolio Analysis

    Portfolio Analysis

    Portfolio Analysis lets you assess risk characteristics or “exposure” of the equity and equity option portions of your portfolio, view the risk profile of the equity and equity option portion of your entire portfolio and perform “what-if” analysis on the equity and equity option portion of your portfolio to see the mathematical response to hypothetical future market moves.



    Practice investing without risking your hard-earned dough. Open a tradeMONSTER account to virtually trade stocks, options, covered calls, iron condors and other simple or complex option strategies through your paperTRADE account. Learn More

    Create Custom Spreads - SpreadMAKER™

    An innovative trading tool that allows you to build option spread trades quickly, efficiently, and easily. You can build different spreads using drop-down boxes, available expiration dates, and strike prices. When building a trade, the risk graph is instantly updated to show you your expected profit or loss, based on the possible future price changes of the underlying stock.

    Trade Adjustments


    adjustTRADE™ is a tool that assists you in creating an adjustment for a strategy, including simply closing the strategy. Once you select the action you would like to take from a choice of adjustment goals, and adjustTRADE™ shows you a way to accomplish it. You may edit the adjustment shown or proceed to create an order with one click of a button.

    Spread Pricing for Risk Profile

    Spread Pricing in Option Chains

    Change the expirations, width or wingspan to customize your spread views and the option chains will recalculate instantly. The NBBO bid/ask is shown as well as the midpoint. And you´re always one click from a trade ticket.

    Online Trading Simulator

    Trade Simulation

    The Trade Simulator allows you to use your current portfolio and simulate the effect of adding a “fake” stock or option position. This educational tool allows you to practice new strategies with your existing portfolio.

    Streaming Stock Quotes on Demand

    FREE Real-Time Streaming Quotes & Charts

    A quote isn´t really real-time unless it´s moving! tradeMONSTER quotes are always streaming, always real-time. Watchlists, charts, action windows, analytics, option chains, and trade tickets ALL stream, any time the US equity markets are open.

    Stock Analysis

    Professional Grade Market Analysis

    Take your investing to the next level using our advanced propriety analysis report cards. Enter a stock symbol and get key fundamental data at-a-glance in one screen. Then drill down for more detailed information including financial performance, earnings growth, dividends, analyst ratings and similar stocks.