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  • What You’ll Get
    Free recording of TheDisciplinedTrader.com’s Norman Hallett’s interview on TraderInterviews, which is available for replays for listeners to get the most out of the interview.  Norman Hallett has been in the financial industry for 21 years and has launched companies including the investment firm Hallett Commodities and NCH Commodities as an IB (introducing broker).  His stock trader training program The Disciplined Trader focuses on trading psychology, working with your subconscious mind and how it affects your trading discipline and problems.  Not to be confused with Mark Douglas’s popular book “The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes.”  In this interview, TraderInterviews’ Tim Bourquin asks Normal Hallett about his work as a trading coach and helping traders overcome problems that prevent them from being profitable traders. Norman shares what an ideal trading plan is like and how traders can become successful to make money in the stock market consistently.

    *Full transcript and download of the MP3, along with 200+ other trader interviews are available to members of TraderInterviews.com
    Topics Covered

    You are your own worst enemy
    Ideal trading plan – Six basic characteristics
    Applying a good trading system
    Finding your trading style
    What type of asset class should you trade? Stocks, futures, forex?
    Keeping it simple
    Risk management and money management strategies
    Trade position sizing
    Affirmations, reaffirmations, and using your subconscious mind
    Listening to news, CNBC, experts, and other traders: good or bad?


  • What You’ll Get
    Free trader interview with Timothy Sykes, probably the most recognizable face for trading penny stocks.  Tim Sykes was a “young gun” trader that took the stock traders by storm known for turning his $12,415 bar-mitzvah money into $1.65 Million between 1999-2002 by specializing in shorting penny stocks.  Tim started a hedge fund in 2003 but went out of business in 2007 due to an illiquid investment.  Recently Tim has returned making that money back publicly on Covestor and determined to repeat his former success and teach others the same skill specific to penny stocks by uncovering stocks with poor company fundamentals just waiting to fail.  Tim Bourquin of TraderInterviews discusses with Tim Sykes about Sykes’ trading methods and asks why he decided to specialize in this strategy of shorting penny stocks.  Tim and Tim also talks about Sykes’ foray into the online trading communities through blogs, social investing sites like Covestor, and other internet campaigns to show his skills and educate people about his methods.

    *Full transcript and download of the MP3, along with 200+ other trader interviews are available to members of TraderInterviews.com
    Topics Covered

    Shorting penny stocks
    Finding stocks that are good shorting candidates
    Why short selling penny stocks was illegal
    Exposing penny stock company SEC filings, scandals, and investor fraud
    Tim Sykes’ general trading execution strategies: entries, exits, stops, targets, and time frames.
    Watching for clues with false promotions, not standard technical analysis
    Finding stocks and enough shares to short

  • What You’ll Get
    Free recording of TheStockBandit’s Jeff White on TraderInterviews.com with Tim Bourquin.  Jeff White is TheStockBandit.com founder and Chief Technical Analyst. The Stock Bandit series of trading websites are designed to inform and teach beginners about short term trading.  In this interview, Jeff White describes his trading methods, strategies, as well as how he scours the market for trading ideas and opportunities.  With his specialty in technical analysis, Jeff shares his process for doing his market analysis homework to identify a watchlist of stocks with technical patterns he will follow.  Also discussed are the specific technical trade execution methods he uses including the types of technical indicators used, how trading volume helps his analysis, and handling volatility in stocks.

    *Full transcript and download of the MP3, along with 200+ other trader interviews are available to members of TraderInterviews.com
    Topics Covered

    The Stock Bandit Jeff White’s trading method
    Market Trading Environment Jeff White prefers
    Trading on short term timeframes
    Trading stocks and using market indexes and indicators for cues
    How to prepare for the trading day ahead
    Market Analysis to build a watchlist of stocks to trade
    Analyzing the pre-market conditions
    Stock chart setups
    Trading with price, volume, and using technical indicators